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Writers used people sleeping

Research Article

On their website, the United States Marine Corps uses this article as a resource for veterans with PTSD. 

purple mattress used for written content

Product Review

One of Sleep Advisor's most visited articles, Mark wrote this piece, and hundreds of other product reviews.

writer used pregnant photo for writing


Made for YouTube, Mark not only wrote this script but he was also the director.

Video Background.png

Content writer, Wentzville MO

Mark is an experienced writer with a degree in English and a minor in communications. He worked as a content writer and senior writer at, writing over 500 original articles, blogs, and scripts. Additionally, he provided the final edits on thousands more.

Whether you need a blog post, product review, research article, an entire course, or just some simple copy for your webpage, Mark has got you covered! 

Take a look at some of his articles below: 

Mark, a writer for MEM Media
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