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St. Louis Wedding Videographer

Looking for a St. Louis Wedding Videographer? Our expert team captures your special day with finesse, creating timeless cinematic memories. Trust us to document every cherished moment, from vows to celebrations, ensuring your love story is beautifully preserved. Discover the best St. Louis wedding videographers committed to crafting unforgettable visuals for your once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Contact us today to elevate your wedding memories to cinematic heights! We believe every couple deserves to preserve their wedding day via video, which is why we offer the most competitive and fair pricing available. 

Let US Tell Your Story

At MEM Media, we're more than just St. Louis wedding videographers – we're storytellers devoted to capturing the essence of your special day. Let us weave the narrative of your love, crafting a cinematic masterpiece that echoes the unique charm of St. Louis. Our passionate team is committed to preserving every heartfelt moment, ensuring your story unfolds with cinematic grace. Trust us to be your dedicated St. Louis wedding videographer, transforming your cherished moments into an everlasting tale. Contact us today to begin crafting your unforgettable love story!

Wedding Story Package

Our comprehensive wedding package is crafted with the firm belief that every couple deserves comprehensive coverage of their special day. We pride ourselves on offering highly competitive pricing, striving to match or exceed the rates of our counterparts. 

  • 5-9 minute wedding film

  • 2 to 3 filmmakers/ 3 cameras

  • Wedding day coverage for up to 10 consecutive hours

  • Aerial drone footage

  • Delivered via a downloadable weblink

Pricing — $2,299

Why You Should Consider a Wedding Video

  1. Preserve Priceless Moments: A wedding video immortalizes the essence of your special day, capturing fleeting moments, heartfelt vows, and raw emotions that photos alone cannot encapsulate.

  2. Relive the Magic: Experience the joy of your wedding day again and again. A video allows you to revisit cherished memories, reliving the laughter, tears, and heartfelt exchanges, transporting you back to that magical moment.

  3. Share with Loved Ones: Share the joy of your wedding day with friends and family who couldn't attend. A video enables you to include distant loved ones, allowing them to witness and feel a part of your celebration.

  4. Professional Quality: A skilled videographer brings expertise and cinematic flair, ensuring your story is captured with finesse, artistry, and high-quality production, making every viewing an immersive experience.

  5. Capture Unseen Moments: A video reveals candid, behind-the-scenes moments, from pre-ceremony nerves to unexpected laughter, offering a comprehensive narrative that complements your wedding album.

  6. Dynamic Storytelling: While photos freeze moments in time, a wedding video brings your day to life through movement, sound, and emotion. It captures not just snapshots but the entire atmosphere, speeches, vows, and gestures, delivering a more immersive and emotional retelling of your love story. The narrative unfolds naturally, allowing you to relive the ambiance and energy of your wedding day in a way that static photos simply can't replicate.

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